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We try and ship same day as order has come in where there is time possible to get order in post in time if not it will be shipped within 24 hours.

New parts: Me and Mrs packer parted out a sealed set ourself. Used parts: Everything else. (Parts that I would not want to receive myself will not even be listed.)

Sometimes errors can occur we are only human after all, if there is an item or items that are missing from your order when we are pulling the order together then we will refund double the amount of the piece/piece's up to £5.00, if the piece costs more than £5.00 then we will refund only as much as the piece cost. If your PayPal and Bricklink addresses are different can you let us know which one we should use for your order.

All minifigs will be shipped assembled (new or used).

All lots are bagged separately unless specified otherwise by the buyer.Last Updated: 21 Dec 2016